Sponsors and Supporters


It is said that Children are the messages of the future, but for many of them, future isn’t a pleasing thought. By taking care of a child’s educational need you can give him a chance of a bright future.

Our sponsorship programs

1) ANNACHATRA program for the orphanage

One day’s meals which include breakfast, lunch and dinner can be sponsored for INR 4000/-  The donor’s name etc. are displayed on our notice-board on that particular day. At present, we need sponsorship for > 200 days of the year.


We try to give every teacher an amount as near to the Govt. salary. However we are falling very short in this. We have therefore set up an independent fund called “GURUDAKSHINA” under which sponsors may donate a lump sum, the bank –interest on which will be used to make up the short fall in our teachers’ salaries.


We need approximately nine more classrooms, Each classroom costs around INR 4,00,000/- to build & furnish. A classroom may be named according as a sponsor wishes.


Due to scarcity of water, We require to procure water around 2000 liter per day for around 7 months in a year. The daily cost of purchasing water is around INR 300/-


We take care of children till they are in Std.X But what after that, is the question that scares us. Our resources are not adequate to cover a child’s education through college. We therefore propose to introduce a scheme under which an Individual or a Group takes up the responsibility of sponsoring a child for further education in the city of Pune, while the child continues to stay with us. As children from our orphanage have begun to reach std X, we are now in the process of actively looking out for sponsors for them.