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Pakhar Maya

Have you seen “Slumdog Millionaire” movie, we see the movie, appreciate it. But these three girls who are shown in photo have lived that life. There are beggars, contractors, these girls were used to be given drugs in morning by those contractors. So that they don’t feel hungry and look like beggars. They used to beg for the whole day & hand over their earning by the end of the day to the contractors. One day some young social workers came to know that something wrong is going to happen to them; so they saved those girls from the clutches of those criminals and brought to PAKHAR MAYA.

And look at them now here at “Pakhar Maya” – how happy, confident they look! Inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekanand, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Dr. Sharayu Ghole and other six likeminded people formed “Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha”, with the blessings of senior people like Dr. Madhav N.Hardikar. In spite of being so near Pune, because of lack of transport facility, Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi village was under developed so they selected Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi for our social work. By yr.2000 we adopted some destitute children. Then we realized that unless & until we give quality education to these children, we cannot say that we are taking the responsibility of these children in the true sense. So in yr. 2001 Sumati Balwan was born, where underprivileged children from nearby villages also are admitted.

“The future savior of our country is sitting on a school bench.”

Sumati Balvan

A different type of school! Nestling in the arms of nature, allowing children to romp without fear, providing pollution-free environment, one with the curriculum planned by international experts, providing basic education, turning the children into responsible citizens, unfolding the hidden talents in them, providing instruction in everything from conservation of eco-system to handling of computers. Does it sound too dreamy or idealistic? You are mistaken. Such a school exists; it is functioning successfully, for years now! Kindly read the next few lines carefully. We are confident you will be inspired to do something for this school.

Sumati Balwan, our primary School, began in June 2001 as a School on No-Grant basis. Today, the school is a Govt-recognized School; yes it does not receive Government help as received by many other institutions. Most of the Students in our School cannot afford the tuition fees. There are about 375 students in the school studying in various classes from the kinder garden level to the Secondary School Certification Exam (SSC) level. About 15% of these students reside in school premises. A proud achievement for the school is that 3 students, who recently passed out from the school have become self-sufficient and are fending for themselves, braving the challenges of life in the greater world. Other boys are following their path, learning to be self dependent.

The Beginning:-

Some good-hearted individuals like Dr. Madhav Hardikar, Dr. Sharayu Ghole, Mrs. Manasi Deshpande , Mrs. Vandana Dahale, Mrs. Asha Pawar and like-minded individuals founded Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha ,a Registered Public Charitable Trust . The trust is active since 2001. It runs the school Sumati Balwan for children from the economically weaker sections of the society and a home for the orphans and needy children as well.

Highlights of School:-

The school attempts to turn children into true pursuers of knowledge: not just students bent on passing examination. It tries to bring about rounded development of every student: Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Intellectual and Human. The student inculcates in its student values like Self-discipline, self-dependence and dignity of labor along with academic knowledge. Some specialties of the school are noteworthy in this respect.


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