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About our Charitable Trust

Inspired by the philosophy of Swami Vivekanand, IDR, (Mrs.) Sharayu Ghole, along with other like minded people got together and decided to do something for the society. Initially five of us came together and founded the “Radhabai Hardikar Pranijat Mangal Sanstha Trust”.

We made a humble beginning by opening a modest dispensary and hospital, at Nimbalkerwadi – Gujarwadi, the hamlets under Katraj Gram Panchayat. The consideration for selection of site was total absence of medical facilities and non-availability of public transport.

Much encouraged by the above successful activities, we decided to take a step further and started an Orphanage, but with a difference, in 1999. In our Orphanage we want to give such children a “Home” and not institution. Such a home, we envisage would have ten children looked after by a mother. We have 288 children staying with us.

To give good education leading to a chance of a better future we started a school –“ Sumati Balwan’’ in 2001. The school is with a touch of difference. The endeavor is to provide them good education amidst nature while playing, dancing, singing and unfolding their latent talents. Majority of the children get free education, some pay notional fee of Rs. 50/- per month. Currently our school has 287 children studying in KG to standard X for academic year 16-17. We have started Karate & classical dance class, Yoga, Tabla class, Football, etc. We also envisage working for the cause of old people as well as animals, the project is in the pipeline.

We solicit your blessings and generous support in our mission. Do experience the joy of ‘sharing.’

Dr. (Mrs.) Sharayu  Ghole


Radhabai  Hardikar  Pranijat  Mangal  Sanstha.